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Develop your Cultural Intelligence

You don't need to master all the cultures, but nurture your potential

I will help you and your teams understand their cultural values, discover the cultural Intelligence ( CQ) potential and provide you with tools to grow and function effectively across cultures.

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About Claire

I have 20+ years of  experience in international environment, navigating, influencing and working within the systems. I come from the management and corporate world... where you have 10 minutes to pitch an idea in front of 500 international C-suite leaders, or give feedback to a culturally diverse team located in 4 continents,...I'm certified as a Cultural Intelligence Trainer.  My coaching is tailored, practical and dynamic. The model and tools I leverage, will grow with you.

A note from a team mate at Nike Inc ( Rebecca Nefsky)

"I saw Claire as an advocate for diversity and inclusion. She actively sought out groups to help educate and share her personal experiences to support a true global mindset. I personally witnessed her ability to change people’s thinking in a positive way through her activism. Any company that Claire chooses to work with will only benefit from who she is both professionally and personally"

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My Mission

Facilitate, Coach, Mentor and Empower leaders and communities to function effectively in a variety of cultural contexts.

As a successful French leader, I have had the opportunity to lead international teams during my Big Corporate America journey. The successes and challenges as a director in the sporting good industry assisted me with achieving growth and exceeding goals.Throughout my years in leadership, I became aware of my gift of coaching and nurturing teams.

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Coaching options

I work with clients, providing exceptional coaching services that are catered specifically to their needs. Take a look below at the services I offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

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Cross Cultural Communication Efficiency is a dynamic and hands-on way to develop your comprehension of cultural diversity in the workplace and get you started
Ideal for any individual or global and culturally diverse group

One individual or group/team session to enhance your cross cultural communication efficiency


Introduction to Cultural Values and the CQ model is an interactive workshop to learn about your personal cultural values,  those of others ( team, partners) and understand your CQ potential.
Ideal for new and culturally diverse teams that need to understand improve their effectiveness across cultures

Individual CV and CQ assessments and an interactive workshop to understand each others cultural preferences, cultural intelligence profiles and how this translate in the workplace.  It's a training that put the individual at the center, and help build "as a team".


Individualized coaching for leaders who wants to anticipate and overcome the cultural diversity challenges or accelerate their natural strengths and become  expert at navigating across cultures in the workplace

Starting with a personalized 360 assessment, we will develop together a strategic plan to help you thrive  in a dynamic and culturally diverse environment. Tools and development plans are personalized for each participant and adapted to their Cultural Intelligence potential

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I will be more mindful of how I deliver information to others and how I interpret other's reaction at work

I will build more true and personal relationship, watch more, listen more, learn more and speak less!

Converse Inc

Converse Inc

In certain instances, I will try to adapt to the US/EMEA way of working instead of simply the Chinese cultural way, as Converse is overall a cross cultural working environment

Converse Inc

The 4 primary CQ capabilities and the sub-dimensions are an awesome framework and something I'll leverage more in the future. When I think about effectiveness with different cultures, rarely in the moment do I think of all the angles. This will be super helpful as I expand my knowledge and practice.

Nike Inc

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Beaverton OR USA


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