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About Claire

Real life Corporate experience is what opened my eyes to the power of Cultural Intelligence coaching


I grew up in Africa as a toddler, and it probably influenced my character in multiple ways. I genuinely love team and collective achievement. I also tend to build strong, long lasting and personal relationship with others. And I LOVE and need to laugh every day. I don't think we should take ourselves too seriously. 

I'm also a 100% pure bred French... which gave me a love for a good debate of ideas and concepts. I can argue and engage in a passionate conversation for the sake of the exercise. It sharpens my point of views on various subjects.

I worked my entire professional career in large corporate and international organizations such as Reebok Europe, Decathlon, or Nike Inc in global leadership positions. And it's not always easy when you work abroad to "fit in", or to feel authentic. I had my moments of despair when I was told I was being too French for example.

So my desire to help others in their comprehension of cultural diversity initially comes from my personal failure. It started as a therapy for me, realizing I was not the only one trying to make sense of the silences, eye rolling or negative feedbacks I could get. 

I'm happy I launched this coaching activity, it's the beginning of a new journey for me as I will help others avoid the pitfalls I stumbled across myself. My coaching style is rooted in real life situations, backed up by rigorous empirical work from The Cultural Intelligence Center, Linn Van Dyne Phd, David Livermore Phd and Soon Ang Phd. I'm actually a certified trainer from the Cultural Intelligence Center.

I hope to have the pleasure to support  you or your teams soon, and do not hesitate to get in touch with me to learn about the training and services I provide.

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Cultural Intelligence Center

Certification January 2021

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What is CQ?

And How you can develop it

Cultural Intelligence is a person's capability to function effectively in a variety of cultural contexts. The CQ Center has developed  an evidence based framework of 4 key capabilities that people can apply to make sense of multicultural situations on-the-fly.

You are always curious to learn when you encounter different cultures? You might have a good CQ Drive

You can recognize how certain cultures are similar or different and you understand how that can impact behavior. You most likely have an above the average CQ Knowlegde

You have a high level of awareness when settings and culture change around you, you might have a high CQ Strategy

People recognize you as a very effective leader in culturally diverse groups, you probably master CQ Action

Your curiosity to learn about others, your capacity to engage and be aware in different set ups and situations is something you can develop over time. I can help you and your team develop your full Cultural Intelligence potential.

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