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  • Claire Le Compagnon

Hire leaders with high CQ

I have never been asked about my CQ profile and competences during an interview or a year-end review with my boss, even though I held global positions for the past 10 years. I recently had the opportunity to interview for various global roles. Only once was I asked to talk about my skills when it comes to cultural intelligence. One... single... time...

It's frustrating for sure. When you work in a team that lacks CQ it has an impact on the overall success, efficiency, results and people's well being.You can take as many Diversity & Inclusion online courses, certifications and classes, but if you lack CQ, you're missing the point in my opinion.

I compare this to having a gigantic library, but not being able to leverage anything you learned in real life.

Ok that was my little rant ... I'm done.

So I thought about sharing some questions you can ask to the futur talent you will interview, or the people who have the chance to report to you. Yes, you as a leader have that power to accelerate your team's CQ. I actually think that you own that responsibility ... And failing to do so is preventing your team and team members to express the best they have to offer. Sad but true. Do not underestimate the power of a High CQ team in terms of flexibility, creativity, adaptation and resilience.

To start building a High CQ profile team , you can ask questions that will help you find culturally intelligent talents

- To what degree does he/she show interest and curiosity for other cultures?

- Does he/she speak another language? Can he/she read in between the lines of what someone is saying?

- Can he/she describe the basic cultural differences that exist among the cultures where the orgsnization works?

- How does she/he demonstrates insight into how culture influences his/her decision making?

- To what degree does he/she flex his decision when working with people and projects in different cultural contexts?

If you want to learn more about that specific topic, you can reach out to me at

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