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Cross Cultural Coaching

Helping Leaders and Teams with a hands on approach, interactive trainings, and authentic work examples

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Cross Cultural Communication Efficiency to get a basic understanding of cultural preferences in the workplace

A one time  2 hour session to discover the main differences and preferences in various international cultures. Immediate benefit thru understanding your own communication preferences and those of your teammates or partners. Tools and ressources are provided. This is a great first step for groups and teams to discover the potential of cultural diversity in international environment.


Introduction to the CQ model, understanding individual Cultural Values and CQ profile.

You are leading a new team and you would like to understand each individual preferences at work, and establish the group values? Your team works in a global environment and you would like them to work on their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to navigating across cultures? This is an interactive 3 hour workshop that will provide immediate benefit to each team member as they will learn about their own values and CQ potential. They will also contribute to the group work to define the new team values. This is a truly cooperative workshop where all will be involved in the making.

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Prepare your leaders for a globalized and multicultural world

Wether you are sending your A game team leader in a subsidiary in the world, or receiving a great talent from abroad, help them and their team overcome the challenge of working in a different culture. It requires that extra step to understand and prepare for the upcoming challenges. I will partner with your leader, their manager and team to effectively improve their cultural intelligence potential. Tools, 360 assessment and ressources will be provided to develop a tailored plan.

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